Most Americans Agree Cackling Harris is…

In most jobs, you have to actually work and do what is requested. But Kamala Harris is clearly an exception to the rule as she has been practically twiddling her thumbs after Biden told her to fix the border crisis. During a CBS interview with Lester Holt, he called her out for lying about going to the border and she claimed well “I haven’t been to Europe” either as if that is relevant. In fact, she only went to the border after Trump said he was going. Surprisingly a recent poll shows that Americans have noticed and they are sick of her. I guess the MSM doesn’t have enough time to cover for her too, with bumbling Biden constantly screwing up.

Americans have further soured on Vice President Kamala Harris as she continues her radio silence on the chaotic and tragic withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan, a new poll indicates.

According to a Rasmussen Reports survey released Thursday, 55 percent of likely voters say the former senator from California is either “not qualified” or “not at all qualified” to assume the duties of the presidency. By contrast, 43 percent consider Harris “qualified” or “very qualified” to be commander in chief.

The same poll found in April that 49 percent of likely voters said Harris was qualified to become president, though 51 percent of voters had an “unfavorable impression” of her.

The poll was taken between Aug. 12 and Aug. 15, as the Taliban embarked on its sweeping offensive across Afghanistan that led to the collapse of that country’s Western-backed government weeks before the deadline to remove US combat forces.”

It’s the fake laughter, the handmaidenly comportment around Biden, the car-crash interviews, and the complete inability to succeed at any of the tasks she has been handed, from immigration to vaccination.

Not for nothing was Harris billed the “most unpopular vice president in 50 years” by UK broadsheet the Daily Telegraph.

She’s so unpopular that Hillary Clinton staffers, of all people, reportedly have been consulted for likability lessons.”

I mean this Dem dream team is just tough on all fronts. You have Harris laughing off serious issues and then Biden, who is likely not in his head most of the time, in charge and screwing up constantly. I wonder how long it is going to take for Liberals to realize Biden is a dud.

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