MSM Fails To Report The Known Causes Of Crime Spike

I mean this is California so they likely have no idea what is actually going on. How else are Liberal leaders being re-elected over and over again?

Good Morning America substitute host T.J. Holmes covered a story on the increasing number of robberies in San Francisco and added in Ohio almost as a smokescreen to cover up the reason why.

The story:

“TJ HOLMES: Now let’s turn to the flash mob robberies. A few popular stores being ambushed across the country. Rushed and looted by mobs of people and all this as the holiday shopping season is picking up. Our Kaylee Hartung is tracking this for us. Kaylee, good morning to you.

KAYLEE HARTUNG: Hey, good morning, T.J.

More retailers are now taking action after this series of really brazen smash and grabs. Thieves are entering stores at all hours of the day, and some are making off with up to a million dollars in goods.

The latest robbery on Saturday in San Francisco. 80 thieves running into a Nordstrom, stealing goods and smashing shelves. Officers stopping one car, arresting a man and a woman, and then a third suspect was caught on foot.

A day earlier, also in San Francisco, more than $1 million in merchandise was stolen after thieves broke into several stores that day. Walgreens is already closing several San Francisco stores after videos of brazen shoplifters went viral including video appearing to show a man riding his bike out of a store with a bag full of stolen items, and the Chicago area has also been hit hard. Just last week, 14 suspects ran into this Louis Vuitton store grabbing $120,000 in purses and other items before fleeing in getaway cars, and police say in that case, the store’s security guard was on a break. George?”

Watch The Clip Below.

This seems pretty obvious. If Holmes mentioned their weak on theft policies, perhaps people would demand it be changed. These thieves know that they can steal up to almost $1000 without getting anything more than a fine. So there is no incentive here for the police to catch them and there really is not a consequence here to stop them. So the solution here is to simply make the punishment for theft harsher. But with Liberal leaders, I doubt that will change anytime soon.

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