MSM Forced To Eat Crow After Union Station Swastika Culprit Is Identified

If jumping to conclusions was an Olympic sport the yahoos in the mainstream media and liberals, alike, would be gold medalists. At the end of January, they condemned Trump supporters and Conservatives claiming that they’re responsible for the swastika symbol spraypainted on the wall of Washington’s Union Station.

The losers at CNN and other sites immediately declared the vandal a Trump supporter without the smaller shred of evidence. Now, that a man was arrested for the crime, the MSM has become unusually quiet.


Because the man police say committed the crime is a twice-deported Mexican citizen with a 15-year criminal history.

Geraldo Pando, 34, was arrested on Jan. 28 and charged with the display of certain emblems and defacing private/public property for drawing the Nazi symbol on the exterior walls of the train station, just blocks from the U.S. Capitol. The incident happened one day after International Holocaust Remembrance Day and is being investigated as a possible hate crime, According to Washington Examiner.

Arrest records obtained exclusively by the Washington Examiner reveal that Pando had an extensive, 35-page criminal history in Colorado before he arrived in the District of Columbia recently. Despite his record, Immigration and Customs Enforcement did not attempt to take him into federal custody after his Union Station arrest so that he could face deportation proceedings in court, instead allowing him to remain in the United States.

Pando had also been detained and arrested a week prior to the Union Station incident for vandalizing the U.S. Capitol Police headquarters, according to a senior Senate aide familiar with Pando’s run-ins with federal, state, and local law enforcement. Capitol Police released him because ICE did not ask that he be detained until he could be transferred into federal custody. Capitol Police and ICE did not respond to requests for comment.

Thanks to Biden’s policies, the twice deported vandal will not face deportation or arrest.

As I said before, media coverage on the update has been non-existent. So far only CNN has provided an update—But conveniently left out the suspect’s name, photo, and criminal history in their report.

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