Breaking: MSM Turns On Kamala After She Admits One Simple Fact, Breaks Lib Narrative

It looks like the golden girl has fallen out of favor with the liberal mainstream media after vice president Kamala Harris agreed with a Republican senator that American is not racist. During a CNN segment with Washington Post’s inciting editor Karen Attiah and host, Brianna Keiler ripped into the politician for telling the truth for once and destroying the liberal narrative.

This all began with a powerful pro-patriotic speech delivered by South Carolina’s Senator Tim Scott who addressed a divided nation torn by liberal false narratives of mass bigotry and systemic racism.

The video, released by Scott on social media, has kickstarted a firestorm of angry leftists trying to discredit the senator. Scott has shared stories in the past about racism he has experienced as a black male but explained in his video that individuals’ biases do not represent the nation.

Both Joe Biden and Harris agreed with Scott’s statement publicly and it pushed Attiah and Keiler over the edge during the below segment.

Attiah began, “So Kamala Harris, ever since she really joined the presidential race, has obviously because of her — both because of her experience and because of her identity as a biracial, black-identifying woman, she’s, you know, become a symbol for so much, including for what many would think is-is racial progress in this county.” The editor added, “So she’s had and has to walk this tight rope on race. you saw what happened with uh President Obama and often the backlash that would come when he would speak very openly about his black identity.”

She continued, “what was really uh disappointing, I think, to many people, to agree with Tim Scott and look at this country and say it’s not a racist country despite the fact that we’ve been living, particularly for the last year, living with the realities of systemic racism beamed into our uh televisions, into our social media with police brutality, with the rise of an Asian um American — attacks on Asian-Americans. She could have really just said, look, we have to deal with the history of racism and its present existence and that would have been done, but the denialism is basically trying to say that, yeah, you know, this country has all the hallmarks of being a racist country, it has all the symptoms, it has all the causes, it has all the history, it’s literally right in our faces but it’s not that.”

Keilar agreed, adding that both VP Harris and Sen. Scott have shared their personal experiences with racism and question how either of them can deny that the country is racist. I think the point that the left seems to be intentionally missing is that racism exists on an individual basis. It’s not as deep-seated or as widespread as the media would have you believe. Racism and cultural biases exist around the world. America happens to be one of the few nations that aggressively works to punish those guilty of hate crimes.

Attiah continued her rant showing disgust that Harris’s response was not more ‘woke’. She then moved to a new narrative that Harris did not mean what she said but that the vice president was walking a ‘tightrope’ around her white colleagues, “it’s just kind of exhausting to have to watch her kind of walk both sides on this,” Attiah concluded.


The vicious attacks against Scott and all who agree with him are reaching a fever pitch. I have to admit that I was shocked to learn that Harris or Biden agreed with him. Until this point, those two just seem to go with whatever insane narrative the left develops. I have a feeling this will be the first and last time the so-called ‘moderates’ speak out against the left’s agenda,

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