MSNBC Host Claims Conservatives Are Attacking Democracy By Protecting Their Kids

MSM Hosts like these are exactly what is ruining our country. MSNBC Host Chris Jansing came up with the ridiculous line of reasoning that parents who are defending their kids from the divisive and controversial Critical Race Theory are against Democracy. She said as much during a recent segment.

“Republicans going hyper local, they’re targeting school boards in the coming year, looking to do things we’ve already seen, ban subjects that aren’t even being taught like critical race theory, they’re calling for more parental control. How much of a concern do you think that is? Do you think that plays into what we are already seeing in these attacks on democracy? 

JANSING: Yeah not only does going to school boards, Eugene, you know obviously address those kinds of concerning issues but it also builds a bench right? Because people who then win at school boards can then start running for state legislature and push those same kinds of ideas. 

ROBINSON:  It does. That has to be fought at the local level. It really does. And that is something that Progressives and Democrats have to become more serious about. But it is, I think, no accident that all of this, the focus on imaginary critical race theory and all of that is happening at a time when, you know, most of the majority of public school students in this country now are nonwhite. And as the country becomes more diverse and as white Americans of many, obviously not all but some who are used to being in the majority are not easily getting used to the fact that they will soon not be an absolute majority in this country, you just can’t ignore that as an underlying megatrend that is helping to drive some of the unrest that you see.”

Watch The Clip Below

That’s one hell of a leap. And her guest is just as delusional claiming students are not being taught critical race theory when there is evidence of it across the country.

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