Navy Seal Asks Why Biden Is Refusing To Handle This

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade had Former Navy Seal Morgan Luttrell on a panel and asked him if we should be more concerned about Climate Change or the Chinese. Luttrell of course said China, but then went on to talk about how we still have at least 100 Americans stranded in Afghanistan two months after the fact.

MORGAN LUTTRELL: If the Biden administration is so concerned about saving American lives with these mandates, these mask mandates, and so on and so forth, why don’t they mandate we rescue our citizens and save their lives as well over in Afghanistan?…

“I was fortunate enough to run into an interpreter that served with us overseas for so long in the past couple of weeks. His family is still over there, he pleaded with us, begged us. He’s like who do I have to get to help me get my family back. Where’s that at?”

“All Biden has to do is say let’s do this, let’s mandate this. Task Milley, task Austin, and go get our people. If Big Pharma’s pumping that much money into the DNC that all you’re hearing on the news is about mandates and vaccines, why don’t we get some people to say the same thing about our citizens overseas and bring them home?” 

Watch The Clip Below.

“There are well over 100 extended family members still in Afghanistan, but it’s not clear how many of them want to leave the country,” NBC News states, citing the officials.

Luttrell is absolutely right. Biden should have already handled this and evacuated every American out of there. The Biden Admin usually hides behind the excuse that there are Americans that don’t want to leave, but that’s a lie. Why would any American want to stay in that terrorist breeding ground that Biden created?

If that were not bad enough the Pentagon has admitted they have no idea how many Americans are still stranded there and are now planning on creating a list before taking any further action… So these stranded Americans better not hold their breath, because there is no telling how long it is going to take for the Pentagon to finish their list.

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