New Laws Have Pro-Rioting Libs Losing Their Minds

We all saw how bad things got after BLM and Liberals took to the street last summer. They took over city blocks and rioted, demanding the police to be defunded. The MSM took their side wholeheartedly and covered for their violence constantly referring to the rioters as peaceful protesters. So Republican leaders across the country are doing something about it. They are pushing for anti-rioting legislation to give the police the power they need to stop the violence. But Liberals are apparently upset, they seem to like the madness and are claiming it infringes upon their first amendment rights.

NPR Host Mary Louise Kelly brought on an expert to talk about the new legislation


We’re going to check in now on the record number of anti-protest bills that Republicans have introduced this year. Several have already become law. In Florida, for example, Governor Ron DeSantis signed what he calls anti-riot legislation. It includes new penalties for protesters and for local governments that decrease law enforcement budgets. In Oklahoma, drivers who unintentionally hit protesters now have immunity. Now these bills and others follow months of large-scale, mostly peaceful demonstrations against police brutality. And these bills are raising red flags among First Amendment experts. Joining me now is Nick Robinson. He is a senior legal adviser at the International Center for Not-for-Profit Law…”

“ROBINSON: Since the killing of George Floyd this past May, we’ve seen over 90 anti-protest bills introduced in 35 states that undermine the right to peaceful assembly.”

ROBINSON: Many of these bills increase penalties for obstructing traffic or sidewalks, which often happens during protests. So a bill in Tennessee that was enacted in August increased the penalty to a year in jail if protesters make it inconvenient to use a sidewalk. Many of them also expand anti-rioting laws. So in Florida, Governor DeSantis recently signed this major anti-protest bill into law, and one of the most controversial parts is how it defines rioting to potentially capture peaceful protesters who engage in no violence at all.”

Rioting is not covered by our amendments. It is not the right to riot, it is the right to peaceful assembly. No matter how much spin Libs put in it, looting, arson, vandalism, and occupation of multiple city blocks are not peaceful assembly. It’s just crazy to think that anyone would be advocating for riots.

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