Nikki Haley Dropkicks The ‘Weakest President America Has Ever Had’

Former US Ambassador Nikki Haley delivered a huge blow to the Biden administration. Admitting publicly that the US has never had a worse commander in chief.

“[N]one of this would be happening if Afghanistan wouldn’t have been the crisis that it was, but what you’re seeing is Russia and all the dictators are seeing an opportunity that this is the weakest president that America has ever had,” Haley said.

“And so if they were ever going to invade Ukraine, this is the time to do it.”

“I think what Russia’s really trying to do is get us to not allow Ukraine into NATO. And we have to remember that if you start to give in to Russia’s threats, they’ll be just another one behind it. But the one thing that makes the Ukraine-Russia issue so important is that China is watching this because how this plays out will dictate whether China thinks they can go ahead with [annexation of] Taiwan. So all of these things string together.”

“All of this means that America needs to show strength and needs to show deterrence when it comes to any threats that are coming our way or towards our allies,” she said.

Haley also took a swing at Linda Thomas-Greenfield, who recently said Ukraine and Taiwan are “two different types of situations.”

“It’s not two different types of situations. I saw China and Russia becoming closer and closer when I was U.N. ambassador, I think you have to realize that this is China watching what Russia is doing. You haven’t seen China condemn Russia. You haven’t seen China call Russia and tell them not to do anything. If anything, they tried to stop the meeting in the Security Council and took the side of Russia,” Haley told “Special Report” anchor Bret Baier.



“I’m not a fan of Republicans going against Republicans,” Haley said. “The only ones that win when that happens are the Democrats and the media.”

Haley said she believes Pence is a good and honest man and that “he did what he thought was right.”

Haley responded a little disappointed when asked if she thought the 2020 elections were legitimate:

“Do I think Joe Biden is the legitimate president?” she responded. “Yes. He’s a bad one at that.”

She did note that election fraud should be looked at, however.

“At the end of the day, I don’t want to see federalized elections. I want them to continue to be managed by the states,” Haley said. “We have seen fraud in elections time and time and again, and when that happens, it is up to the governors and the state legislatures to make sure we hold them to account. That’s through voter ID, that’s through making sure that elections are decided on Election Day, that’s making sure we verify signatures.”

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