NY Gov Loses It During New Bill Announcement: ‘The Sky Is FALLING!’…WTF?

I find it so hard to believe that we haven’t heard a word from Cuomo’s replacement Governor Kathy Hochul. She didn’t offer residents relief under crippling inflation, nor a solution to their crime crisis, but had the nerve to dump millions on abortions in the state. The Democrat stood there belting out that ‘the sky is falling’ multiple times while discussing the inevitable overturn of Roe V Wade in the Supreme Court.

“My friends, the sky is literally on the verge of falling in the next week or two and that’s why we are here today,” Hochul said in reference to the upcoming Supreme Court ruling.

“The right to control our own bodies is supposed to be settled by now, or so we thought,” she added.

The legislation is intended “to immediately protect abortion access and reproductive rights,” according to Hochul.

“This is my message to those who are trying to take away the fundamental right to an abortion: Not here. Not now. Not ever,” Hochul said in a Twitter post.

To my taxpaying New York friends, she’ll be spending about $35 billion on abortions but nothing to help combat the energy crisis.

In another Twitter post, Hochul referred to the legislation as “a nation-leading legislative package to protect abortion and reproductive rights for all.”

“The Supreme Court is poised to overturn Roe v. Wade this month – but New York will be ready,” Hochul said in a statement earlier this month just before signing this legislation.

“Like the vast majority of Americans, I was horrified to learn that extremists on the court are likely to strip away the right to an abortion by overturning Roe. This decision, once announced, will have devastating consequences for the health, wellbeing and economic security of millions of women across this country,” she added.


Back in May, she wrote an op-ed for WJ that pressured businesses to support abortion but hasn’t offered any incentive to bring high-paying jobs back to New York.



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