Olbermann Takes His Leftist Hate To The Next Level With This Tweet

This just goes to show you how sick some people can be. Political Commentator Keith Olbermann thought he was being edgy with his comment but all he did was prove how vicious and cold he is. In light of Texas declaring that they were going to open their state and lift mask mandates Olbermann thought he was clever by saying Texas joined the side of the virus and callously claimed vaccines are a waste on Texans. He quickly found himself on the wrong end of bipartisan outrage.

Olbermann’s tweet.

“Why are we wasting vaccinations on Texas if Texas has decided to join the side of the virus?”

The outcry:

People deserve to stay safe and healthy no matter who they voted for,” left-wing pundit Molly Jong-Fast responded.

“I just think it’s wrong to make gross generalizations about the lives and potential deaths of an entire population,” Dallas Morning News reporter Evan Grant wrote. “It is mean-spirited and unhelpful on every front.”

Keith, I hope you already got the vaccine because you are old — regardless of the fact that you have trash political opinions and should be banned from Twitter for this tweet,” Another user tweeted.

“Not that it should matter, I didn’t vote for Abbot. F#ck you Keith. You really do need help. I can recommend some good people,” Brian Cuban posted.

“over the last five years or so there have been a lot of people i thought weren’t stupid until they said something exactly like this,” Jon Bois tweeted.

“Trump won Texas by only 400,000 votes. 5.2 million to 5.6 million. But yeah, we should totally not vaccinate over 10 million people because you don’t like the politics of their state leaders. Makes total sense…, Tyson Smith wrote.

Americans have died from this virus regardless of their political affiliation. This was just despicable on Olbermann’s part. Every American needs to be vaccinated so we can be done with this pandemic for good. The last thing we need is for this virus to spike again and have Biden put us in a total lockdown. Biden, unlike Trump, claimed that a nationwide lockdown is a possibility if scientists deemed it necessary. So we need to be done with this as soon as possible before the Dems get any ideas.

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