Parents Fight Back: Protest To Stop The Liberal Propaganda In Schools

Biden seems to be doing his best to ruin our country. We no longer have a safe border, he has put trans-rights over womens’, and now he is pushing the anti-white Critical Race Theory (CRT) into schools. His plan has not come to fruition yet but that hasn’t stopped some schools from getting ready to implement the theory. Virginia’s Loudoun County School District has been slowly incorporating a woke attitude into classrooms and appears to be getting ready to push Biden CRT.  So now Parents are pro-actively petitioning to remove the pro Critical Race Theory school board members.

During a recent Loudoun County School Board meeting, parents went off on the school board.

Shawntel Cooper is shown below blasts board members for trying to push the bigotted theory:

“In the words of Martin Luther King Jr, I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they are not judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. Now I have a dream that we will implement love not hate or support another Jim Crowe Agenda.

“Critical Race Theory (CRT) is not an honest dialogue, it is a tactic that was used by Hitler and the Ku Klux Klan on slavery very many years ago to dumb down my ancestors so we could not think for ourselves. CRT is racist, it is abusive, it discriminates against one’s color. Let me educate you an honest dialogue does not oppress. An honest dialogue does not implement hatred or injustice, it’s to communicate without deceiving people.

Today, we don’t need your agreement we want action and a backbone for what we asked for today, to ban CRT. We don’t want your political advertisement to divide our children or belittle them. Think twice before you indoctrinate such racist theories. You can not tell me what is or is not racist. Look at me I had to come down here today to tell you to your face that we are coming together and we are strong, this will not be the last meet and greet. Respectfully.  ”

Watch The Clip Below. 


Tensions heightened this spring when a Facebook group that included six school board members launched an intimidation campaign against parents who spoke out in favor of opening schools or against the culturally responsive framework.”

Their equity plan statement:

“In addition to ensuring a racially-conscious, identity-affirming, and culturally responsive learning space for every student and employee, Loudoun County Public Schools is committed to decreasing disparities, increasing opportunities
and participation outcomes for rigorous learning, dismantling barriers and interrupting the status quo for the development of stronger equitable practices. A diverse, inclusive, equitable, and socially-just teaching and learning community is a priority in LCPS.”

They don’t say anything about Critical Race Theory in their equity plan directly, but six board members were ready to implement Biden’s backward CRT curriculum. These kids are lucky that the parents are stepping up. If these parents hadn’t, the school would likely already be teaching this anti-white theory that further divides our nation.

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