Parents Outraged At Private School For Indocrinating 3 Year Olds

Not even toddlers are safe anymore. New York parents were pissed when they found out that the $26,700 a year they paid for their kid’s education included CRT. The school had teachers read a book to kids that claims white people created racism…

A few weeks ago, teachers at Manhattan’s Brick Church School read “Our Skin: A First Conversation About Race” to several classes. In its lessons on racism, all the racists are, of course, white.

One typical line: “A long time ago, way before you were born, a group of white people made up an idea called race.” The idea that people didn’t notice each other’s skin color or features until white people made them is, of course, absurd.

“Our Skin” aims to “empower activism in young children” and encourages them to attend protests. This is really the point of such books: to turn kids into little soldiers in the war to implement leftism.

This type of woke nonsense has been prevalent at New York elite schools for the last year.

By the way: Brick Church is a preschool. Parents report that teachers read the book to children as young as 3.

The school tried to address their concerns in a letter to parents: “As you may know, last week teachers in two classrooms read students a portion of a book, ‘Our Skin: A First Conversation About Race.’ The first part of the book reflects on skin color and supports the school’s goal to celebrate our differences, including the beautiful spectrum of skin colors represented at our school. The teachers did not read (and so the students did not hear) the second part of the book, which delves into the history of race and racism.”

Any book that claims white people created racism is B.S. People have been discriminating against each other since the beginning of time. The idea that white people created racism is not only wrong, it’s divisive. I am surprised parents didn’t demand a refund and find their kids a new school. There’s no telling what other garbage they are subjecting these kids to.

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