Police Forced To Rescue Criminals, You Won’t Believe Where They Got Stuck LOL

Three foolish men made a grave mistake when they broke into an abandoned jail in St. Louis, Missouri, and found themselves locked in a cell.

“I guess these three thought they’d test out their criminal skills, but ended up getting a lesson on why you’re best off playing by the rules,” said Sgt. Charles Wall in a statement to KSDK News.

The trespassers, who face possible charges of burglary, stealing and property damage, were arrested after being freed by police.

It all began back in May of 2022 when Mayor Tishaura Jones decided to close the Medium Security Institution, known as the “Workhouse,” citing inhumane conditions. This led to a lawsuit by six plaintiffs in November 2017, who “alleged that they and thousands of other people were forced to endure inhumane conditions such as flooding, sewage, insect and rodent infestation, and excessive heat” as reported by Arch City Defenders.

The reason was of course not enough for James Cody, an inmate who spent eight months in the jail. “I felt like I was treated like a dog,” said Cody at a news conference to Kens5. “Dogs get treated better, to tell you the truth.”

In the end, it was the three criminals’ bad luck that they chose to break into the jail over a year later. An August steering committee was looking into alternatives for the abandoned site, such as a recreational facility or a museum.

In the wise words of Cody, it might be best for criminals to follow the rules. “Dogs get treated better, to tell you the truth,” he said.

It is apparent that these three trespassers learned this the hard way, but it is best for all others to heed this warning and not make the same mistake.

It may be frustrating that convictions are based on proof rather than presumption, but in the end, it’s always best to play by the rules. Or else you may end up locked in a jail cell, just like these three men.

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