Police In Far More Danger As Ambushing Cases Skyrocket 130%

This is what happens when liberals create a negative stigma around all police over the actions of one bad apple. Police have had it bad for the past couple of years. They have been defended by BLM and neutered by Libs when the rioting started. The sentiment is so bad in some Liberal cities that police have been resigning/quitting in droves. But those who weathered the storm are facing a dangerous situation, as the number of police who are being ambused has increased exponentially.

According to records from the National Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) and the Officer Down Memorial Page (ODMP), 60 police officers across 45 U.S. states and territories have been killed in gunfire from January 1 to December 3 — a nearly 28 percent increase in fatal shootings of officers compared to all of 2020 when 47 officers were shot and killed.”

“As of November 30, FOP records state that 314 police officers have been shot since the beginning of the year. One hundred and nineteen of those shootings occurred in the midst of 95 separate ambush-style attacks on officers, resulting in 28 of the total gunfire deaths.

Ambush attacks on officers have increased nearly 130 percent since 2020.”

Lieutenant Jason Pate of the Fort Myers Police Department (FMPD) whose job is to train officers on all situations, including ambush attacks, talked about how dangerous it is out there for officers.

“Any call we go on, there is the potential to be ambushed,” said Pate. Pate says preparing for the unpredictable requires unique training.

“We always try to bring in a scenario where there is something that surprises the officer, that something unusual happens with the officer. It might be, sitting down, having a meal while you (officer) are on duty, during firearms training, and then having a threat come out from behind something and you have to react to it,” said Pate.”

It’s bad enough that Liberals all seem to hate the police, and now on top of that, officers have to be even warier all the time. These brave men and women deserve our praise and gratitude as they face even more danger, and as they spend their lives serving their communities, trying to make us all a little safer.

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