Pompeo Warns Americans About Biden “Taking Back America”

Dems love Bumbling Biden. He is completely different than Trump. Biden is allowing bad elements to enter our country daily, unhindered, via our southern border, he is ruining female sports, and basically ruining our country as fast as he can. But Biden claims this is all part of his plan to “take back America.” Former Director of the CIA Mike Pompe pointed out that Biden wants to get back to Obama-era America when we were weak.

Pompeo explained Biden’s plan during an appearance on Fox News with Chris Wallace.

“Well, generically, when I hear the administration talk about taking America back, they are talking about back to what President Obama did for eight years where America was weak,” Pompeo said. “We might have been liked — a lot of people talk about how they are having this really fun time over at the G-7, everybody likes President Biden. What’s important is not that they like America, but that they respect us, that we deliver good outcomes for the American people.”

“We need to focus on the things that matter most to America,” Pompeo added.

Pompeo continued to tear into the Biden Admin and then Wallace brought up the pipelines with the recent ransomware attack.

“We shut down 10,000 jobs with the Keystone Pipeline here in the United States of America and then they permitted the Russian pipeline to continue to be built that will threaten the heart of Europe’s energy infrastructure and of course you were referring to the cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline, “Pompeo said. “President Trump and our team were very clear about what we would do in response to cyber-attacks. We changed. It’s a pretty arcane idea, but we changed the NSPM, the rules that permitted us to respond to these attacks. I hope that the Biden administration will use the tools that we provided. We’ve got the capacity to respond to this in a way…” that will actually affect Vladimir Putin.

Watch The Clip Below. 

All of our adversaries must have cheered when Biden won. Trump was keeping everyone in check. No one messed with America when Trump was in office. But it hasn’t even been six months under Biden and almost all of our adversaries have mobilized or made moves. No one fears Biden. He isn’t taking America back, he instead seems to be giving it away.

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