Putin Mocks Biden Ahead Of Summit And Then This Happened [Video]

I think it goes without say that Joe Biden is an unfit leader but his presence on the global stage is hurting America. Not just without enemies, but our allies have growing doubt about the United States’ ability to lead. Meanwhile, the little talking Biden has done publicly, he’s only served to make a fool of himself.

For instance, in an effort to seem tough, Biden told a story about how he and Russian President Vladimir Putin once stood toe to toe and he alleged that he told Putin that he ‘has no soul’— Putin has previously denied that interaction ever happened. During an interview with NBC, Putin doubled down and cracked on Biden’s “good memory”.

“Well, President Biden says — one time when you met, you were inches away from each other, close to each other,” reporter Keir Simmons said. “And he said to you, ‘I’m looking in your eyes, and I can’t see a soul.’ And you said, ‘We understand each other.’ Do you remember that exchange?”

“As far as soul, I’m not sure. One has to think about what soul is. But I do not remember this particular part of our conversations, to be honest with you. I do not remember,” Putin said, later adding, “And— as far as soul goes, that’s something for the church.”

When later pressed on the same issue, Putin said, “I do not remember this, something wrong with my memory.”

“He says it was about it was 10 years ago, 10 years ago when he was vice president, he says,” the reporter said.

“Well, he probably has a good memory,” Putin responded.

Putin previously wished Biden “good health” in response to Biden calling Putin a killer. Putin went as far as to challenge Biden to live political discussion to be broadcast to the entire world, which Biden did not accept.

Do you think Biden brought up this conversation during his summit meeting with Putin? Oddly enough, no.

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To make matters worse, Putin’s fighter plans had US F-22’s scrambling off the coast of Hawaii Wednesday, ahead of the meeting with Biden. Make no mistake, that was a test— and Biden failed because he did not mention Putin’s obvious intimidation tactics during the meeting, either.


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