Red State University Is Trying To Bribe Teachers To Be More “Woke”

Liberals have ruined the field of academia. It seems like most colleges across the country have been infected with this woke B.S. and now it looks like some schools are trying to incentivize teachers to teach a more “woke” curriculum. Tennessee’s University of Memphis is telling teachers they will get extra money if they teach liberal propaganda.

A public Tennessee university is offering professors financial incentives for “infusing” social justice into their classes.

The University of Memphis told faculty they could collect a $3,000 stipend for redesigning their curricula to align with the university’s commitment to “diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice,” according to an email sent to all faculty obtained by the Washington Free Beacon. The offer is part of the university’s “Eradicating Systemic Racism and Promoting Social Justice Initiative.”

Interested faculty are asked to submit a copy of syllabi to be reworked as well as a 500-word “narrative” on their “diversity, equity, and inclusion philosophy” and how the new lessons will “address disparities” in their subject area.

The stipend offer, from a public university, has triggered concerns from both faculty and lawmakers over the use of taxpayer money. One faculty member who requested anonymity due to fear of retribution said the offer “makes you scratch your head” due to the school’s financial restraints.

“We’ve had a hard time retaining good faculty at our salary levels, so anytime you see money being spent on non-student or non-faculty causes, it makes you scratch your head,” the professor said. “Could this money be spent on students or retaining quality faculty rather than a progressive agenda that isn’t likely supported by the taxpayers or voters of Tennessee?”

This money should absolutely go to more important things than pushing Liberal propaganda, whether it be supplies or helping the school keep good teachers. Students should drop any class that radicalizes itself in this way. No one should be encouraging this madness.

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