Repeat Thief Arrested: Fed Up Small Business Takes Things Into Their Own Hands [VIDEO]

At an Akron, Ohio auto shop, the employees are no longer simply getting upset after being repeatedly targeted and damaged by thieves. Instead, they’ve decided to take matters into their own hands in order to defend their livelihood and catch these alleged criminals. According to WLWT, after growing tired from being consistently hurt by these actions, Arlington Autos has now began using comical yet efficient ways to capture potential car thieves, including 26-year-old Alexander Funk.

The latest incident involving this man was particularly amusing. After attempting to steal another vehicle, Funk was left hanging 20 feet in the air as the auto shop’s employees utilized a forklift to trap him.

This clever tactic allowed the police to easily arrest Funk once they arrived on the scene. One of the shop’s employees shared their experience, stating, “He broke into a car at the junkyard, and before he could get out, he’s done it before, they got like the forklift, and they had him like, I’m not kidding, like 20 feet off the ground, so when we got there we went right into custody.”

Funk was immediately charged with both criminal trespassing and possessing criminal tools by the police. This was not his first encounter with the law, as he had previously been charged with entering a condemned building and drug abuse, according to WLWT. However, the employees at Arlington Autos are not taking any chances and have made it clear that they are not afraid to use whatever means necessary to protect themselves.

The video of Funk hanging in the air while waiting for police has since gone viral, creating quite the buzz on social media. Many found the situation to be both comical and satisfying, as the alleged thief was ultimately caught and brought to justice. Even the police officer who arrived on the scene could not help but chuckle when told about how Funk was caught. This lighthearted moment in an otherwise serious situation adds a touch of humor to the story.


Come on, now… That’s funny!!!

The actions taken by Arlington Autos demonstrate their determination to protect their business and send a message to potential thieves. It also shows that they are a tight-knit community and will not tolerate anyone threatening their livelihood. This is a story that highlights the power of unity and quick thinking in the face of adversity.

The employees at Arlington Autos have shown that they are not willing to become victims any longer. Instead, they have taken matters into their own hands and used a forklift to trap a potential car thief, resulting in a successful arrest. This has not only brought justice, but also provided a moment of comic relief amidst a serious situation. The power of creative thinking, determination, and community support is evident in this story, making it truly heartwarming and inspiring.

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