Report Shows Biden Is Letting Iran Attack Us Without Consequence.

Just when you thought Biden couldn’t ruin our reputation any further…Biden has been letting Iran attack our U.S. military with drones in Iraq and has done nothing in response to this hostility.

Iranian “drone armies” are behind a surge in attacks on U.S. positions and allies in Iraq, according to a group of Republican lawmakers who are demanding answers from the Biden administration about how it is working to counter these threats amid ongoing negotiations with Tehran over a revamped nuclear accord.

“In 2021, Iran-backed forces in Iraq have been behind an uptick of drone attacks against positions associated with the U.S. or coalition forces in Iraq,” Reps. Bryan Steil (R., Wis.), Joe Wilson (R., S.C.), Brian Babin (R., Texas), and Andrew Clyde (R., Ga.) on Tuesday wrote to the State Department in a letter that demands answers for why these strikes have gone unpunished. “These include a strike against an alleged CIA hangar in Erbil, Iraq, in April and the Baghdad airport this June.”

The lawmakers say “American passivity and indifference” to these attacks, which also include a November assassination attempt on Iraqi prime minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi, is signaling to Tehran that it can use its Iraq-based terrorist proxy groups to foment chaos. Steil and his colleagues accuse the Biden State Department of turning a blind eye to Iran’s terrorism enterprise in a bid to avoid agitating Tehran as talks over a new version of the 2015 nuclear accord are ongoing in Vienna.

“Tehran and its militias in Iraq possess significant drone capabilities, capabilities that need to be addressed and countered regardless of the administration’s quest to return to talks and re-enter what we believe to be a flawed nuclear agreement with Tehran,” the lawmakers write…”

The Biden Admin is calling this a pander to try and ensure they get their nuclear deal signed, but where’s the signature? Biden has removed sanctions and allowed American military sites to be bombed, but so far has received nothing to show for his pandering to Iran. In fact, Iran will likely have nukes in hand soon, so we should stand up and take out this threat before it grows beyond our control. So hopefully Biden will stay out of Israel’s way since our leadership is too weak to do anything about it.  Let’s go, Brandon!

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