School Punishes Victim For Reporting Sexual Assault

The Administration at this school needs to be replaced stat. A 15-year-old girl, at Hawthorne Academy of Health Sciences in Charlotte, NC, was sexually assaulted and reported the attack to the school. The police were called in and the attacker was taken in for questioning. The school also did its own investigation. The police got the teen to confess but the school claimed it didn’t happen… So the school is suspending the victim and now they are forcing her to take a sexual harassment course…

“…the school reportedly responded by suspending her and requiring her to take a class called “Sexual Harassment Is Preventable.”

The girl’s mother, whose identity is also being protected, expressed outrage at the school during an interview with WBTV.

“The school did their investigation, gave me a phone call, and said, ‘Hey, look, unfortunately, it looks like there’s no evidence that what your daughter’s saying took place did. We’re gonna have to give her a day of suspension,'” she told the outlet.

“I said, ‘Well if the police are telling me that he did do these things, he admitted to them, and that I have the right to press charges, you’re telling me this didn’t happen?’ And she said, ‘Well, unfortunately, what the law does has nothing to do with CMS, so, unfortunately, we have nothing else that we can do about this,'” the mother continued.

She said the incident has left her and her daughter in shock and feeling like the school doesn’t have an interest in protecting its students.

“They are making her feel like she is being punished for coming forward,” she added.”

Watch The Newsreel Below. 

And it looks like WBTV’s investigative reporter has been trying his damnedest to get a school official to explain this madness.

I don’t know who this teen is but the school is trying its best to protect him. What a poor response to a sexual assault, to think they would punish the victim of an assault. The school is setting a bad precedent if they are going to punish the victims of sexual assault who are brave enough to report it.

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