Sen. Chuck Grassley attacks ‘political interference’ in the FBI

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley attacked the FBI and accused them of ‘political interference’ after the agency labeled evidence against the Biden crime family ‘disinformation’. Grassley demands answers and wants the agency to provide proof that they have changed the culture from within.

Host Trey Gowdy introduced the senator following members of the Senate Judiciary Committee calling on FBI Director Christopher Wray to answer questions regarding new allegations of bias in his department. This came after Grassley received information from “highly credible whistleblowers” in the FBI and Department of Justice.

“Whistleblowers coming to me and I listen to a lot of whistleblowers because they know where the bodies are buried,” Grassley said.

He explained that several employees, most notably Assistant Special Agent in Charge Timothy Thibault, would publicly post hostile messages against conservatives and former President Trump on social media. In addition, he would allegedly open investigations against Trump and other conservatives based on media reports.

“You do not let an investigation go ahead on just fuzzy newspaper reports,” Grassley commented.

Most notably, FBI employees like Thibault previously insisted in 2020 that claims regarding Hunter Biden’s laptop were “disinformation” and refused to investigate the matter during the election year. In fact, the FBI at the time accused GOP lawmakers of advancing “foreign disinformation” by investigating Hunter Biden’s laptop.

“Now that is political interference in the FBI. And it is going to cause people to lose credibility in the FBI, and every citizen ought to have the most confidence you could ever have an agency like the FBI,” Grassley warned.

Grassley has since called on Director Wray to provide answers regarding the environment inside the FBI and what is being done to limit political bias.

He said, “He ought to know he is going to have to show us concrete information that he is going to be able to change this culture in the FBI where there is a power or party makes a decision of whether or not investigations go ahead. It has got to be no political bias whatsoever in any of these decisions.”

Grassley has sent out multiple letters and requests to the FBI on answers since the original accusations on Hunter Biden’s laptop. He informed Gowdy that Wray is now set to testify in front of his committee on Thursday about the matter.

“But we need more than that. We need a concrete program by Wray. We need that Thursday when he appears before our committee that he is going to make sure that none of this political bias ever happens again,” Grassley said.

In the meantime, he tempered expectations that the committee efforts will be bipartisan.

“I get all kinds of help from the Democrats when I am investigating things in a Republican administration. But I never get any help from them when I am investigating things in a Democrat administration,” Grassley said.


Grassley says that Christopher Wray has continued to ignore his efforts after months of Grassley trying to reach him. He gave Wray some credit for making changes within the agency but Grassley said that it’s not read enough.

I have no idea what it would take to restore the people’s faith in the FBI. We have seen too many instances of blatant political bias from high-ranking officials in the Agency. Whatever needs to happen, it has to be drastic. People need to be able to trust the Federal justice system again—At least to some capacity.

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