Siblings Outraged Brother Was Shot During Robbery Demands Justice, Just One Problem


Dollar General is your basic convenience store, they get robbed from time to time especially those in tougher neighborhoods. Roosevelt Rappley decided to test his luck and he tried to rob a Dollar General in Dayton, Ohio. But he didn’t count on one of the clerks to be packing. The armed clerk defended himself and Rappley was later pronounced dead on the scene. But now his siblings are complaining that the clerk had no right to defend himself.

Experts said it is legal for the clerk to carry a gun if it is allowed by the employer and if the individual carrying the weapon isn’t prohibited from doing so.

The shooting happened about 6:20 p.m. at the store at 2228 North Gettysburg Ave.

“I just had somebody try to attempt and rob me over here at Dollar General on Gettysburg,” the 911 caller said. “Came in with a firearm, threatened to take money out the drawer, pointed a gun at me and my staff members. He pointed a gun at me, I had a firearm on me, I pulled my firearm and I shot him in self-defense.”

Roosevelt Rappley, 23, of Dayton, died around 6:27 p.m. Wednesday, according to Montgomery County Coroner Kent Harshbarger.

Rappley does have prior history with police, according to Dayton Police Lt. Jason Hall, involving pending weapons charges and possible involvement in other commercial robberies in the area, including the recent robbery of a Dollar General on Main Street.”

But his siblings feel that this shooting was not justified.

“He’s got some responsibility, but not all. Right and wrong is wrong, that was wrong for that clerk to shoot my brother in the chest. Yes, he’s robbing them. Oh, well! Call the police, that’s what you’re supposed to do. You’re not supposed to take matters into your own hands,” Rappley’s sister claimed.

Watch The Video Below.

I don’t think they realize how a robbery works. The robber is threatening the clerk’s life in order to get the cash. He has every right to defend himself. The clerk has no idea whether he is going to get shot even after handing over the money. I’m sorry the family lost a relative but he brought that on himself. No one told him to rob the store.

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