Slander: Here’s What MSM Is Calling The GOP Now

This host should be ashamed of himself for making this garbage claim. No one is in Office today that was responsible for that racist attack on black people in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We have also come a long way since then. We have had the Civil Rights movement and we have even had a black president. Anyone can make it today regardless of their race. But MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, the host of The Last Word despicably said that the GOP was the same as the perpetrators of the Tulsa Massacre just because the GOP wants to ensure only Americans can vote in our elections.

O’Donnell: Well, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, today, President Biden described what he called a truly unprecedented assault on our democracy. And he was talking about voting rights when he said that. But he went to Tulsa today to mark an assault that happened there 100 years ago. These two assaults 100 years apart are both driven by white supremacy. That is what is behind both of the assaults that President Biden talked about today. The one that happened 100 years ago was a violent, murderous attack on the black neighborhood of Greenwood that became a massacre of black people. So huge that no official count was kept of the number of dead black bodies after that white supremacist attack. 100 years ago America’s white supremacists like the people of Tulsa, who massacred their black neighbors, not only did not want black people to vote, they did not want them to breathe, they did not want them to live. The white supremacists of Tulsa, did not just take away black people’s right to vote, they took away black people’s right to life.

Biden (AUDIO CLIP): One night, one night changed everything. Everything changed while Greenwood was a community to itself, it was not separated from the outside. It wasn’t everyone. There was enough hate, resentment, and vengeance in the community. Enough people who believed that America does not belong to everyone and not everyone is created equal.

O’Donnell: Not everyone is created equal is the first commandment of white supremacies. Republicans do not believe that everyone is created equal. That is why Republican legislators believe they can restrict black Americans’ right to vote. Because Republicans do not believe that all voters are created equal. Republicans believe that Republican voters are better people than Democratic voters. And that is the belief that justifies for them, everything they are doing in state legislatures around the country to make voting more difficult for Democratic voters who Republicans believe they can identify by race.

Watch The Clip Below.

Everyone has access to the DMV and has the ability to acquire a photo ID, regardless of race. This is a B.S. argument on O’Donnell’s part. O’Donnell is just pushing the Democrats’ agenda to have illegals vote in our elections. There is no other possible reason. In Europe they have the same voting restrictions, there is nothing racist about it.

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