Snotty Brat Swalwell Gets Leveled By Black GOP Candidate

Eric Swalwell, like many Democrats, likes to pretend to advocate for the black community while simultaneously stealing their voices. Swalwell forgot himself for a moment and tried to argue with a black US veteran about racism. It didn’t end well for the ultra-Dem.

Swalwell tried to incite his Twitter followers by claiming that the GOP will outlaw interracial relationships. Wesley Hunt, a congressional candidate from Texas, a US veteran that happens to be black and in an interracial marriage called out Swalwell for fear-mongering.

It all began when Swalwell wrote:
“The Republicans won’t stop with banning abortion. They want to ban interracial marriage. Do you want to save that? Well, then you should probably vote. ”

“Hi Eric, my name is Wesley Hunt, I’m a Republican nominee in a Congressional District that is 70% white,” the candidate said. “I’m black, I’m in an interracial marriage, and my wife and I have two biracial daughters. Republicans are celebrating diversity while white liberals like yourself race-bait.’

“Hey Wesley, your problem isn’t with me. It’s with @SenatorBraun who said states should be able to ban interracial marriages like yours,” Swalwell replied. “He’s a senator in YOUR party. Looks like you’re just another Republican who is in denial of what your colleagues say. Party over country, right?”

Swalwell was referring to an interaction between Sen. Mike Braun (R-IN) and members of the media in which he initially said that the Supreme Court’s tentative overturning of Roe v. Wade could apply to Loving v. Virginia, in which the high court ruled in favor of interracial marriages. Braun clarified later that day that he misunderstood the reporters’ line of questioning, affirming that “there is no question the Constitution prohibits discrimination of any kind based on race, that is not something that is even up for debate, and I condemn racism in any form.”

“Eric, here we go again. My problem is with you,” Hunt replied to Swalwell. “You’ve never been black a day in your life, and yet the white “intellectual” Democrat from California is lecturing me on racism. And for the record, don’t lecture me on country over party either, I served in combat, did you?”

Swalwell, like Dems and the nets, is trying to make the overturning about race and failed miserably. It’s also an outright lie to say that the SOTUS plans to ‘ban’ abortions. They plan to divert the decision back to the people’s elected officials at the state level because federal intervention in healthcare is a grotesque overstep in power. Just look at how they handled the pandemic.

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