Squad Dems Proves Just How UnAmerican They Are With This Vote

This should have been an easy resolution to pass. But AOC and her fellow radical leftists were not having it. They protested the resolution that’s whole purpose was to spread Democracy. Luckily the majority felt otherwise and passed it.

The resolution:

Now, therefore, be it Resolved, That the House of Representatives—

“(1)expresses strong solidarity with the Cuban people who took to the streets throughout the country on July 11, 2021, and with those who plan to peacefully demonstrate on November 15, 2021, to once again express their desire to live in a free country with self-determination;

(2) condemns the Cuban regime’s violent repression of peaceful protesters and journalists and its other efforts to restrict the Cuban people’s right to peacefully protest, freely express themselves, and exercise their other universal human rights;

(3)calls on Cuba to end all efforts to block or throttle the Cuban people’s internet access or restrict their access to certain websites or applications and to permit them to freely communicate online, including during future demonstrations and peaceful protests;

(4)calls on members of the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces, the Cuban Ministry of the Interior, and Cuba’s National Revolutionary Police Force to not arrest or detain peaceful protesters, provide due process to all individuals, and immediately release all political prisoners and arbitrarily detained individuals still in their custody; and

(5)urges the Biden administration to—

(A) work with Cuban activists, civil society groups, private United States companies, and the international community to expand internet access for the Cuban people;

(B) support the Cuban people’s inherent right to demonstrate peacefully in the name of democracy and human rights;

(C) continue to stand behind the aspirations of the Cuban people for freedom, for dignity, for prosperity, and the basic rights that they have been denied by the regime since 1959;

(D) assess whether the United States can develop methods to allow remittances, medical
supplies, and other forms of support from the United States to directly benefit the Cuban people in ways that alleviate humanitarian suffering without providing United States dollars to the Cuban military; and

(E) rally the international community to join the United States in condemning human rights abuses and honoring the Cuban people’s demands for freedom.”

This just goes to shows you where these radical libs stand.

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