State Dept Tells Military Personnel Their Families Are Not Worthy Of Rescue From Afghanistan

But if they were illegals trying to come into the country it’s all expenses paid right? The Biden Administration intentionally sacrificed thirteen American soldiers trying to evacuate Afghanistan, but somehow we ended up leaving at least hundreds of Americans behind in a terrorist breeding ground. Now we are about three months out and many are still stranded there. But it turns out some of them are just not qualified to come here. This, from the administration that brought thousands of Afghanis to our country who had no ties to Americans whatsoever.

The US State Department currently considers the family members of around 60 US service members as not qualified for assisted evacuation from Afghanistan, said Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby on Monday.”

They were all evaluated and thus far, in the evaluation, none have been determined to be eligible for parolee status,” Kirby said Monday, referencing the government’s term for Afghans who qualify for evacuation as direct relatives of U.S. citizens or residents.

The Pentagon, which has successfully helped evacuate other relatives, did not say how many family members the State Department reviews this month affected. The numbers have been a shifting target since the complete U.S. military withdrawal on Aug. 30.

Many of the troops who have attempted to get relatives evacuated were Afghan interpreters who immigrated to the U.S. and enlisted. The State Department is in charge of determining whether Afghans qualify for “parole” and evacuation. They must be the spouse or child under 21 years old of a U.S. citizen or resident, according to the agency’s criteria.”

The Biden Admin is not even trying to hide the fact that they are more interested in helping non-Americans. I mean you can just look at our border crisis. Biden has rolled out the welcome mat for migrants and refuses to do anything to stop the flow. In fact, they are now flying planeloads of illegals across the country because the border detention centers are so overburdened. But helping Americans leave a terrorist haven is just not worth it to them.

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