Stelter Attacks Fox News In An Attempt To Cover For His Dem Colleagues

CNN is fighting to stay on the air after losing their headliner Chris Cuomo to a few scandals. The Fake News Network’s ratings have fallen substantially and with it their ability to protect their fellow Dems from scrutiny. CNN’s Stelter explained that he feels Fox News is exaggerating about the state of our country and Biden,. He even went as far as to say that the MSM was far nicer to Trump… Now that’s a joke.

BRIAN STELTER, CNN: There are real challenges, but then if we go to the FOX-iverse, let’s take a look at the imagined drama that FOX News presents every day. Let’s do the scroll. These are just some examples of the banners on FOX News in the past few days. You get the sense that America has gone to hell.

A declining quality of life, America as an “apocalyptic hellscape,” that was one of the actual banners. This is a banner that’s anti-Biden, also anti-Democrats-who-run-urban-areas, and it goes on and on every hour. I wanted to give a sampling. “The Biden administration is a clown car driving off a cliff.” That’s a great example of the kind of incendiary rhetoric that you would have never seen from another channel, let’s say, during the Trump or Biden years, etc.

Oliver, you wrote about this in the newsletter this week, it felt like FOX went up another notch when it came to how they described crime and, yes, there is a crime problem, but the way it’s described on FOX, you would be afraid to leave your house.

OLIVER DARCY, CNN: Two points, Brian, one, as FOX is describing these cities as apocalyptic hellscapes, their executives announced this week they will be holding two major events, one in New York City and one in Los Angeles over the next few months. That’s one. The executives obviously don’t believe what they’re selling to their audience. Two, like you said, there is a crumb of truth to what they’re saying.

STELTER: There always is.

DARCY: Violent crime is on the rise.

STELTER: By some metrics, in some ways. There are also very scary specific stories that get a lot of attention.

DARCY: I think of it as an Instagram filter, Brian, you start with a real image and take the filter and pump it up 1,000% and what you’re left with is distorted and no longer reflects reality.

It started as an accurate portrayal but the end result is totally different and I think that’s what FOX’s coverage with crime really is. Yes, there is an issue in some places, but what they’re presenting to viewers is not accurate.

Watch The Clip Below.

Crime has been on the rise in numerous blue cities. Since many buckled to BLM and caused shortages of police officers, which in turn caused crime rates to surge. But it’s not just that some blue cities are now going soft on crime like Manhatten and the whole state of California.

And then there is the Trump comment… I mean you’d have to be living under a rock if you think the MSM was kinder to Trump. They were constantly calling for his impeachment, accusing him of colluding with the Russians and in some cases they even attacked Melania. They were super vicious. But Stelter is banking on the public forgetting that. In comparison, the conservative networks have been almost too nice to Biden.

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