Stephanopoulos Asks Black Professor To Weigh In On CRT – Regrets It Immediately

Liberals are looking to poison the youth of our nation with Critical Race Theory. So they have been trying to sell this toxic theory to the masses.¬†Brown University Professor Glenn Loury was brought on “This Week” with George Stephanopoulos to talk about the theory and gave the liberal host quite the surprise when he explained how he was against it.

“Loury, was brought on to discuss critical race theory and Juneteenth becoming a federal holiday, when he was asked by anchor George Stephanopoulos about how Americans can “bridge the divide” on these issues dealing with race.

“I think we should get beyond race. I know I’m spitting in the wind when I say that. I know no one wants to hear it. I think the right story here is that it’s the American story. We’re all in this thing together. I know that’s very easy to say,” said Loury, the first Black tenured economics professor at Harvard University. “I think Martin Luther King got it right in 1963. I think that the racialization of this discussion of crime and violence, and policing, of poverty and wealth and whatnot is bad for America.”

“I think talking about reparations, whatever the moral argument might be, is disastrous for the future of this country,” Loury continued. “Black people should not be trying to cut a separate deal with America. Let’s make the country a good country for everybody and we’ll be on the right track.”

Against reparations and critical race theory, we should change him out for Kamala. Liberals have been trying to sell the idea that it is somehow ok to discriminate against white people. They are trying to deepen the divide in this country claiming anyone who doesn’t teach this theory is racist. We are past this. None of us were even alive to be a part of slavery and we had the civil rights movement that ironed out the inequality. CRT just aims to set us back over 50 years and guilt innocent white children.

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