Student Demolishes ‘Woke’ Teacher’s Anti-Police Argument

Students are supposed to have the freedom to express their opinions in colleges as they learn. But we all know the reality is far different. Conservatives are not allowed to express themselves and many feel inclined to keep their opinions to themselves. But student Braden Ellis was not shy about how he feels, especially when it comes to our brave men and women in blue. But his Cypress College Adjunct Professor felt he was wrong when he said ‘police are heroes,’ which led to their debate. Ellis calmly explained to the hostile teacher his feelings on the matter and she showed off just how irrational the Left can be about the police.

The exchange occurred during a zoom class.

“I think cops are heroes, and they have to have a difficult job but we have-” Ellis said at one point before the professor cut him off.

“All of them?” she interjected.

“I mean, I’d say a good majority of them,” the student calmly continued. “We have bad people in every business, in every – “

“Yet A lot of police officers have committed atrocious crimes and have gotten away with it and have never been convicted of any of it,” she argued.”

“And I say this as a person who has family members who are police officers,” she ranted.

“Yes, I understand and this is what I believe and what I think. This is not popular to say, but I do support our police,” the student explained. “We have bad people and the people who do bad things should be brought to justice. I agree with that. But I think – “

“They haven’t,” the professor retorted.“Okay, so what is your bottom-line point? You’re saying police officers should be revered? Viewed as heroes? They belong on TV shows with children?”

Later he drove the point home.

“Who do we call when we’re in trouble and someone has a knife or a gun?” he asked.

“I don’t trust them,” she said emphatically. “My life’s in more danger in their presence.”

“Professor, who would you call?” Ellis calmly asked.

“I wouldn’t call anybody,” she claimed.

“Well would you have a gun on you or who would you call?” Ellis asked.

The professor was clearly disgusted by this line of questioning and said “It was my time to go.”

Watch The Clip Below.

She became really short with him at the end there as Ellis laid out the hypothetical, she must have realized she doesn’t have a decent argument. So the professor claims it’s her time to go if someone breaks into her home and would not call the police to help her. Ellis even suggested she use a gun, but she admits she doesn’t have that either. So it looks like the professor just wants us all to fend for ourselves unarmed.

After this video went viral the adjunct professor decided to find work elsewhere.

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