The Biden Admin Squelches The Press In Their Attempt To Hide…

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The Biden Admin is trying to stop the public from seeing their “progress” at the border. The Biden Admin said they were going to fix the border crisis, but the border patrol and news drones are proving otherwise. A large group of illegals is now being held under a bridge since the border facilities are all overrun. Fox News and other news stations have been ordered to stop flying their drones over the area by the Biden Admin. I guess it’s a bad look to put your other disaster on display.

Fox News L.A. Correspondent Bill Melugi tweeted about the new restriction.

@FoxNews has been covering the border nonstop for almost 7 months now, we use the drone constantly, and it has never been an issue. We have reached out to the FAA to ask for clarification on why this TFR was implemented. We haven’t heard back yet. Will update if/when we do.

UPDATE: FAA statement “The Border Patrol requested the temporary flight restriction due to drones interfering with law enforcement flights on the border. As with any temporary flight restriction, media is able to call the FAA to make requests to operate in the area.”@FoxNews

Law enforcement source on the ground at the bridge this morning just sent me this video showing the situation there. I’m told a large majority of the migrants are Haitians and more are crossing into the US and arriving at the bridge by the minute. [Border Patrol] w/ limited manpower,” he added.

“Another stunning image from our @FoxNews drone team showing the situation at the international bridge in Del Rio, TX, where a law enforcement source tells me there are more than 8,000 migrants waiting to be processed by Border Patrol after crossing illegally into the U.S.”

Watch The Clip Below.

This looks like another win on the Biden Admin parts in their attempt to ruin the country. There is no reason things have to be this way. Trump had the border secure, the Biden Admin created this crisis and it’s pretty clear they have no intention of turning any of these potential Dem voters away.

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