The Big Fat Liberal Price Tag At One Border Facility Is SHOCKING!

According to a report published by the Washington Times, the Biden administration’s moves to call for open borders and dangerously lift security protocols put in place by Trump are costing US taxpayers dearly. The publication took a long hard look at one facility and the monthly costs associated with its operation. Their findings will shock you:

“The Donna Processing Facility costs $19.2 million per month to operate. Members were told that $50,000 per month is coming out of U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s operational funds to pay for diapers and other consumables that were not budgeted for,” the lawmakers said in their report, also noting that 40% of the border agents have been pulled from national security duties to assist with “migrant processing” and transportation.

“This leaves undeniable gaps in our border security posture,” the report said, noting that the Donna facility is meant to hold 500 individuals but is now home to 2,600 — and that migrant smuggling opportunities notices are now appearing in social media, including Facebook.

“During a night ride along with Texas Department of Public Safety Special Operations Group, suspected smugglers were using music to signal law enforcement movements along the brush. Texas DPS has also discovered TikTok videos showing armed cartel members monitoring U.S. law enforcement,” the report noted,”

It’s not nearly enough. Several officials have warned the administration those numbers will double over a short amount of time:

“Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas recently said he expects Border Patrol agents along the southwest border to encounter more migrants in the coming months than they have in the past 20 years, and Border Patrol facilities are already beyond capacity with a record number of unaccompanied migrants in their care.”

These unplanned facilities are terribly overwhelmed with the White House asking federal employees to take some of these children home to receive four weeks paid vacation in return.

Video from the facility in Donna shows an outdoor recreational area without children, where they are supposed to be allowed outside twice a day. Last week, around the time the video was shot, legal advocates who have spoken to children in the facility told ABC News that children complained they were only allowed in the courtyard for about 20 minutes every few days if that.

A record number of 5,000 unaccompanied children are in Border Patrol custody, and an additional 10,500 are in the care of Health and Human Services, according to an HHS official and a document obtained by ABC News.
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