Urogynecologist Backpedals After Using This Un-“Woke” Word

People like this don’t belong in medicine. Every doctor and nurse needs to be aware of a patient’s biological gender, not the make-believe identity that they are trying to sell the public on. So when Urogynecologist Dr. Ryan Stewart opened his new office, it should have been fine when he tweeted asking women what their opinion of the interior design, since his patients are going to be women. But he apparently felt by using the term “women” he was being offensive to confused females, so he doubled back and said he meant to say folks who need his service…

Stewart’s backpedal:

“Folks have [correctly] pointed out that I [incorrectly] said “women” when what I should have said was “folks who may need gynecologic care.” I named the practice with this in mind

@midwestpelvis, but I find that I still have a lot of internalized/implicit bias.”
“I’m a #workinprogress. I appreciate your advocacy and the reminders. Everyone is welcome and I want them to feel welcomed.”
Women on Twitter immediately responded to the tweet, upset that he was acting like the word women was a bad word, and questioning his ability if he was unaware that his patients are only women.
“Except by doing this you inherently make women feel unwelcome, uncomfortable, and less than. Good job,” K. Dillion tweeted.
“If you don’t know that it’s just women who need gynae care why should we trust you?” The Tervan Knitting Hag posted.
“Once again, women are being erased & denied the capacity to define themselves. I fought to be called a woman (not girl or chick etc). I am a woman and deserve to be acknowledged as such. Other people can call themselves whatever.” Darcy commented.
A doctor that specializes in working on the female anatomy shouldn’t need to correct himself and say “folks who may need.” The gender-confused community is a tiny percentage of the population, and we shouldn’t be making women non-entities just to support their delusions.
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