Veritas Strikes Again Shining A Light On Facebook’s Inner Workings

Project Veritas is great. They are constantly uncovering the truth about these shady liberal organizations. They uncovered the truth about Planned Parenthood and how they were selling body parts of aborted fetuses. Recently they have been going after CNN and uncovered that the Fake News Network was working adamantly to get rid of Trump last year. This time they set their sights on tech Giant Facebook and revealed just how Facebooks deals with whistleblowers.

“So the next question has been in the comments, not only here for Q&A, but also in the poll that I post every week. And something  I’m also pretty curious about myself. So project Veritas posted another video based on leaked materials that expose our colleagues’ names and also put them at risk. So what are we doing to actually stop leakers? And how are we keeping our colleagues safe?” Davenport asked Zuckerberg. “And I know that Heidi is on the line as well, to help you answer this one, but that’s something I have seen in the comments quite frequently.”

“Yeah, and I mean Heidi should definitely jump in on this, but I mean, there were a lot of questions that we get a lot of the time around, you know, when people leak stuff, “do we find them?” And I’ve been clear we have a number of efforts to find people and we terminate the people and pursue the recourse that we have when we identify them. And in this case we did find them. So, Heidi, maybe you could talk a bit about that,” Zuckerberg replied.

“But we generally don’t talk about it or go out of our way when we find folks who leak. But we do a reasonably good job at this. And I think it is part of – it’s kind of the flip side of the coin for having an open culture is we can be open and share a lot of stuff, but we also have to be very good at rooting out people who are leaking stuff…I think over the last year there have been more leaks than I think all of us would have wanted. But we, we also, you know, find a lot of folks and terminate them.”

Watch Video Below. 

Facebook is even more biased than Twitter. They just told Trump that he is banned for at least another two years. So they are clearly trying to prevent him from winning any elections in the future. It’s no surprise that they fire whistleblowers since they hate anyone that disagrees with them. They purged hundreds of conservative’s pages back in 2018 and go out of their way to claim conservative perspectives are false, according to their biased liberal fact-checker.

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