Viral Footage: Officer Shot In Horrific Shootout, Good Samaritan Jumps Into Action

John Lally, a 20-year-old life-saver, pulled off a heroic rescue of a police officer who was shot on Southwest Freeway in Houston, Texas this past Saturday morning. Body camera footage captured the moment Lally risked his life to save the officer, who was shot in the leg, from the bullets that were flying.

“I just kinda ran over there, and I grabbed that guy with the other police officer. Me and him, together, we grabbed him by his vest so he wouldn’t get shot again,” said Lally of the rescue.

Houston Police Department (HPD) Chief Troy Finner gave credit to Lally and other citizens who pulled the injured officer to safety during the press briefing. “John Lally has had trouble with law enforcement in his life, but today, he and a few other citizens, along with our officers, when that officer went down, they pulled him to safety,” Finner remarked. “I want to celebrate that.”

On the highway, the suspect, who had attempted to carjack two vehicles, crashed into other vehicles. The suspect then got out of the car and fired gunshots at officers, hitting one in the leg. Lally was wearing a body camera that captured the incident. It showed him dragging the injured officer behind a truck, away from the line of fire.

“It’s just your leg. It’s just your leg. You hear me? Just squeeze my hand as tight as you have to. Do you know what I’m saying? Don’t worry. I’m here with you,” Lally said, reassuringly.

Paramedics managed to whisk the officer away a short while later. Finner said the officer is expected to make a full recovery, though he has been placed on administrative leave, as per department policy.

The suspect also died at Memorial Hermann Hospital, per police. Lally, on the other hand, was a hero—a reminder that good Samaritans can be found anywhere and can rise to the occasion in moments of need.

“The fact that I was there at that very moment was just meant to be,” said Lally. “I feel I was in the right spot, I was in the right time.”


I know a lot of people would like to think they would react the same way but with bullets flying, I’m not sure many would. What do you think you would do in this situation?

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