Washington Public Schools See Drop In Attendance, Can You Guess Why?

The short answer here is simple, Liberals are ruining our education system and it’s worse in blue states like Washington. So parents who care, and have the means to get their kids out of the school system, are doing so. Washington Libs are of course upset as fewer students equals less funding. But they brought this on themselves.

It was revealed last week in a presentation to a state Senate committee that the “November 2021 forecast is, on average, 50,334 students or 4.5 percent lower than the February forecast, and 42,036 students or 3.8 percent lower than the June forecast for the 2021-23 Biennium.

Many parents opted for private school, learning pods, and homeschooling. Parents told The Post Millennial that they chose other educational options. Parents cited multiple factors including that schools did not offer in-person instruction during the Covid pandemic, lack of safety on campus, teaching practices and curriculum-based in critical race theory and radical, hyper-sexualized curriculum, as well as a substandard education.”

“Those numbers are expected to decline further if Democrat Governor Jay Inslee mandates COVID vaccines for public school students.

Earlier this month, three school districts, Seattle, Bellevue, and Kent canceled school days due to a lack of staffing. Public schools in the state were short-staffed before Inslee’s vaccine mandate for all K-12 teachers, which led to the firing of many staff members including substitutes.

In a national survey, only 27 percent of parents of children ages 5 to 11, said they will vaccinate their children against COVID when the vaccine becomes available. That number has stayed consistent since July. 76 percent of those surveyed said that they were “very” or “somewhat” concerned about long-term side effects, while 71 percent worried about serious side effects.”

It’s too bad the public schools are going to get less funding, every child deserves the best education possible. But these radical Libs are doing this. They are pushing mandates, CRT, and making public schools so biased, that they are hardly schools anymore, they are like Liberal Indoctrination Centers.

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