Watch: Bongino Slam Dems For Flip-Flopping On Crime

As I am sure you know by now, political commentator Dan Bongino is a former police officer. So he takes particular offense when desperate Democrats pretend to be anti-crime. Especially after spending the last several years trying to dismantle and dehumanize the American police force.

After New York Dems took a fake anti-crime position as they try to pander to voter unhappy with their crime-ridden policies, Benigno snapped. “They’re not serious!” Bongino shouted citing dead policies.

“The fact that the NYPD… under… this awful Democrat leadership is not being allowed to fully implement the old Rudy Giuliani-era, broken windows policing and this tool you guys just mentioned, keeping people off the subway, which apparently has not been used one time, just tells you that they’re not serious, guys,” he explained.

Bongino exclaims, “They’re not serious!”

He continues, “Please explain to me how they’re serious. You have a tool to keep bad guys off the subway, and it’s been used on how many people? Zero… None. I mean, you’re not serious. I’m sorry. Stop the nonsense. You’re the mayor of New York City…”

Despite the NYPD’s stepped-up enforcement, many New Yorkers are still deeply worried about crime, both in the subways and on the streets. Last month, overall crime in New York went up 59% over the same period in 2021. Crime is being led by felony assault, up 22%, and robbery, up 56%. Grand larceny jumped by 79% and auto theft more than doubled.


What’s happening is Democrats are terrified. They have screwed around with policies and freedom for so long that their base has turned. There is a massive red Tsunami coming and they’ll literally say anything to win back their voters.

Jokes on them, people have grown used to being lied to. They will have to do way more than just talk. Even then, I don’t think there is enough time before the midterms to brainwash their voters into believing they give a crap about their safety, well-being, or freedoms.

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