Watch: GOP Strategist Destroyed Chuck Todd On CRT: ‘Parents Have Had It’

Liberals are trying to glamorize Critical Race Theory. They are trying to call anyone how opposes it a racist and they are downplaying the many Americans who are fighting to keep it out of their children’s schools. NBC Host Chuck Todd is one of these Libs that are pushing this divisive theory. Todd had Republican strategist Brad Todd on his show, “Meet The Press,” to talk about Critical Race Theory. Chuck tried to defend the theory claiming FOX News caused the current outrage but Brad was quick to best him.

“AMNA NAWAZ (PBS NewsHour): Yeah, and specific to this idea of Critical Race Theory. I have to tell you, I just spent some time reporting on this county in Virginia about an hour outside of Washington. And to your point, this is something that is mobilizing people and resonating very deeply. It was about a 100-degree day, dozens and dozens and dozens of parents, mostly white in this largely affluent county showed up to a school board meeting. For many of them the very first school board meeting they’ve ever attended, specifically because of this one issue.

BRAD TODD: That’s important to note that you mentioned Critical Race Theory a couple of times. This is a parent-led backlash at the grassroots level.

CHUCK TODD (Speaking over): It’s manufactured at Fox and then sort of – essentially been lit – the fire was lit.

B. TODD (Trying to compete): No, it’s completely – elected officials have picked it up. I disagree. I think it started because parents have had it with the education bureaucracy after COVID. They’re fed up with it.

They tend to trust Democrats when it comes to education funding but they trust Republicans on education accountability. I think what the backlash you’re seeing on Critical Race Theory in schools is another example of parents trying to hold educators accountable.”

Belcher then went on to say the anti-CRT movement is Trump 2.0. and claimed it was just tribalism at work.

Watch The Clip Below. 

Brad Todd killed Chuck Todd’s whole point. Chuck is trying to make it out like the outrage over CRT is just GOP propaganda, but it’s not. Americans don’t want this divisive theory taught to their kids. It’s poison. Poison for their minds and for our country. Many states have already taken action and are defunding schools that teach it or banning the theory from being taught. CRT is just going divide this country even more.

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