Watch Jon Voight Destroy Dems And Bias Liberal Media

Jon Voight is still being the patriotic voice Americans expect politicians to be. The Actor delivered another public video statement on his Twitter account slamming the left for ignoring Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden’s wrongdoing after spending 4 years trying to destroy the Trump family for nothing.

Hunter Biden, a forever drug addict was recently busted in a recording using the ‘n-word’ but liberals and the media have widely ignored the evidence.

Rather than sit by and allow the left to continue to shield the Biden crime family, Voight used his platform to discuss the hypocrisy:

“What is this, a race? A war?” Voight said in a Sunday video posted on social media. “The left — they’re OK with slurs. It’s OK for Biden’s son to use racist slurs, and no one says a word, not the media — no one.”

“Why was it OK to beat down President Trump with cruel intention against his beautiful family?” Voight asked.

“Why was it OK to constantly harass them [the Trump family] for what they, the Left, accused them of being racist when Biden’s son is the lowest human being, a poor pity of a man who’s not well, who’s done wrong,” he said.

“My fellow Americans, this world has been turned upside down with negativity from media from the Left, and this is a disgrace,” Voight continued.

“I will [speak out]. I will because He — the force, God Almighty — has tried to give us all hope, and hope is real because, my friends, Trump was the only honest hope that the American people had, and this was taken away and replaced with a lower frequency than what truly the American people asked for,” he went on.

“We must remember President Trump kept America safe with dignity, class, and he made America great,” Voight said, adding, “We must not allow these left-wing ones to get away with the justification that it’s OK for Biden’s son to be racist, while the Trump family were harassed night and day for being loyal children of the 45th president of the United States.”

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I don’t know how he has managed to keep his Twitter account when most conservatives are banned immediately upon exposing obvious truths about the left. I was banned nearly two years ago. But I’m certainly glad to see Voight is still in the fight.


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