Watch: LGBT Activists Go Too Far: Celebrate Removal of Street Signs for Absurd Reason

On Monday, the radical LGBT activists in Los Angeles celebrated the removal of a group of street signs in the Silver Lake community. These signs were deemed “homophobic” and were originally installed decades ago for a specific reason, but the activists have managed to twist the narrative to push their own agenda.

The community of Silver Lake, a popular and trendy area in L.A., was struggling in the 1990s with an influx of gay men who would cruise the streets looking for one-night stands with other men. This led to chaos and danger on the streets as cars would constantly make U-turns to go back and pick up other men. In response, the city officials implemented new traffic rules and put up signs warning against “No Cruising” and “No U-Turns.”

However, the LGBT activists saw these traffic rules as discriminatory and accused the city of targeting specifically their community. They claimed that the signs were meant to prevent gay men from finding “human connection” and intimacy, rather than acknowledging the danger and disruption they were causing in the community with their actions.

At the official removal ceremony, L.A. City Councilmember Hugo Soto-Martinez dismissed the legitimate concerns of the residents and referred to the act of cruising as simply looking for “human connection.” Drag queen and Silver Lake Neighborhood Council member Maebe A. Girl, who spoke at the ceremony, also seemed to downplay the issue, stating that he was “surprised” these signs were still up and that “these were used to profile gay people.” It is clear that these activists will go to any length to push their agenda, even if it means exaggerating and twisting the truth.

It is concerning that these activists, who are supposed to represent and protect the LGBT community, are promoting and celebrating reckless behavior. They seem to be glorifying hooking up and one-night stands, attempting to paint these actions as something noble and essential to the community’s identity. This is not only dangerous but also goes against the values of many within the LGBT community who are seeking genuine relationships and connections. By removing these signs, they are essentially promoting a culture of promiscuity and casual sex, which can have serious consequences.

Oddly enough, these signs were supposed to have been taken down 10 years ago, yet they remained until now. It seems that the Silver Lake council’s decision was not enough for these activists, who will not stop until they have erased every trace of anything they deem “oppressive” or “discriminatory.”

Speaking of erasing, another drag queen, Pickle, who recently joined the LGBTQ commission in Los Angeles County, celebrated the removal of the “insidious” signs. It is concerning that a member of a government commission tasked with protecting the rights of the LGBTQ community would be cheering the removal of signs that were put in place for safety reasons. Pickle’s admission that he and other members of the community “didn’t have any context for” these signs only goes to show that this entire campaign is based on emotional manipulation and not facts.

Furthermore, these activists are now using this issue to push for more representation and political power for transgender individuals. They are quick to label anyone who disagrees with their views as “discriminatory” and are using this as a way to gain more control and influence in government. But what about the concerns of members of the LGBTQ community who are affected by issues such as biological males competing in girls’ sports? These activists are ignoring the real issues and concerns of their own community in order to push their agenda.

This celebration of the removal of the “homophobic” signs is just another victory for the cancel culture and radical activists who will stop at nothing to push their agenda. They are willing to twist the truth, exaggerate issues, and manipulate emotions in order to silence anyone who disagrees with them. What started as a legitimate concern for safety in a community has now turned into a platform for promoting promiscuity and wielding political power. It’s time to fight back against this toxic and dangerous cancel culture and stand up for truth and common sense.

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