Watch: Rancher Breaks His Silence On Border Crisis: ‘It’s Going To Ruin Our Country!’

So far we have heard from politicians, law enforcement, and other officials who have all called avoidable disaster at the US southern border a crisis but what about the residents? The private landowners? John Ladd is a rancher in a small town in Arizona who says Biden’s orders have overwhelmed his community.

According to Ladd, unvetted immigrants are being hauled into his town by the busload and their local economy is buckling. The immigrants are just responding to Biden’s promise of citizenship that he made during his leftist-pandering presidential campaign. Since he’s taken office he’s made some drastic changes in security along the southern border in an attempt to simply roll-back Trump’s strict vetting process.

Now that it’s all hit the fan, Biden’s team has denied there is an issue while releasing statements like ‘now is not the time’ to seek citizenship. It seems a little too late to try to walk this one back.

Folks like Ladd, are seeing the strain all around them, and during an interview with Fox News, the rancher decided to speak out:

“We got spoiled with Donald Trump,” Ladd told

 on Tuesday as he slammed President Biden’s immigration policies amid a surge of migrants at the U.S. southern border.

“It started before Biden even took office,” Ladd said. “As soon as the election was over, he promised amnesty to 11 million people. Here they come.”

Since taking office, Biden has taken aim to destroy the Trump legacy, particularly on border security and foreign spending. All of which is quickly proving to be poorly planned ideas.

“Right now we are about 100% over where we were this time this last fiscal year,” John Modlin, the interim chief patrol agent for the Border Patrol’s Tucson Sector, said.

“In the first four months of this fiscal year, we’ve already surpassed all of 2018,” he added. “If the flow continues at the rate it is here, by the end of this fiscal year we will have surpassed, 18, 19, and 20 all combined.”

Kilmeade asked Ladd what he would say to those who think there is no crisis at the border. “They’re living under a rock somewhere,” he shot back. Ladd noted that in his area more than 400 people were left jobless as of 5 weeks ago when Biden shutdown the border wall construction- which just adds more insults to injury to the small town.


Ironically, the left drooled all over Biden for closing the ICE detention centers in January. He was quickly forced to reopen facilities to handle the massive surge because the reality is the centers serve a purpose. That’s more than I can say for the current administration.

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