Watch Rand Paul Go Scorched Earth On Senate Floor Over Return To Covid Mandates

Americans are being made to feel like they are nothing more than pawns in a game of politics between the two major political parties in the United States. Regardless of any other factor, politicians are pushing mandating vaccines and masks for the citizens of the United States, which takes away personal rights and freedoms. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky had enough and voiced his opinion about the situation on the senate floor.

“It is the height of malpractice to subject young people to the greater risk of vaccination simply to satisfy mandates designed to protect bureaucrats from accountability.” Paul said in a twenty-five minute long speech. Paul has held his own beliefs on the issue of vaccinating and masking, having survived and has had the virus in the first month since the pandemic started, and his beliefs are still the same, in that people should have the ability to make their own decisions on topics such as this without the government forcing them to take certain actions.

Paul then targeted mask mandates, speaking out against the Rosemary Hills Elementary School in Montgomery County, Maryland, who recently imposed a mask mandate for certain students citing the presence of COVID-19 cases in a letter sent to parents. “I won’t wear a mask because they don’t work either, yet then we’re telling them – in a month, are we putting them back in masks? The Democrats want everybody in masks.” Paul then went on to say “They want the hysteria to return. Why? They don’t think any of us are smart enough to make our own decisions. They want to make the decision for us. The common man be damned, the working class be damned… Americans be damned.”

Regardless of political party or personal opinion, mandating vaccines and masks is a slippery slope that has been proven to be unsuccessful and costly in the history of the US and other nations in the world.

It is unconstitutional to have the government force decisions down people’s throats that could be considered a personal choice. People should have the right to make decisions that could impact their personal health and well-being without the fear of being reprimanded for it. This is the essence of the United States – the right to make decisions for one’s self.


It’s past time we take a stand and do our own research and look at what is best for us instead of listening to what a select few believe is best for everyone else without having the complete data to back it up. It’s time to fight for personal freedom.

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