Watch:: Senator Kennedy Man-Handled Biden’s Border Crisis Claims

Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy was livid after Biden and the White House spent the better half of two weeks trying to convince Americans that there is no border crisis. American’t ‘don’t like people treated like a moron’, Kennedy snapped back. Biden has pushed the DOJ into focusing efforts on fighting ‘the real threat’, people who oppose his agenda—You know, the MAGA crowd.

“President Biden talks a lot about democracy, as we should,” Sen. Kennedy told host Harris Faulkner.

“Democracy depends on the mutual acceptance of rules, norms and institutions. President Biden’s southern border policy has undermined that principle. He has completely opened the southern border, and he has looked the American people in the eye, and he has lied and said the border’s closed.”

“They don’t like being treated like a moron,” he continued. “They don’t like the president lying to them, and when they call the president out, they don’t like the president calling them Nazis and racists.”

Faulkner, who recently visited the southern border, noted the severity of the crisis as she witnessed the brutal conditions firsthand.

“What I’ve learned is that we have no idea who’s coming into this country,” Faulkner said. “If our Border Patrol agents weren’t there, if our National Guard was not there, if Texas had not spent nearly $1,000,000,000 so far on its operation to help its own citizens, where would we be?”

Her remarks come after New York City Mayor Eric Adams confirmed a migrant mom committed suicide at a shelter in the Big Apple over the weekend.


Speaking of Biden’s rhetoric, News outlets are still not covering the teenager who was killed this weekend. The suspect claimed that he killed him over his political views:

A North Dakota man who allegedly killed a teenager early Sunday morning by hitting him with his vehicle, reportedly told police the teen was a “Republican extremist.”

Shannon Brandt, 41, was charged Monday with criminal vehicular homicide and leaving the scene of a deadly accident in the killing of 18-year-old Cayler Ellingson, according to Inforum.  The incident happened in McHenry, ND, located about two hours northwest of Fargo.

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