Watch Viral Video: Kari Lake Pitched Sinema’s Border Bill In The Trash

Arizona Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, Kari Lake, demonstrated her strong disapproval of a border bill negotiated by Senator Kyrsten Sinema by throwing it in the trash can. During a news conference in Phoenix on Wednesday, Lake expressed, “We weren’t sure what was going to happen with this bill today. We just got some good news that the Senate, hearing the loud demands and cries of the American people, have looked at this 300 pages of pure garbage and said, ‘we’re not going to let this bill see the light of day.’” She then theatrically threw the bill in a nearby trash can, calling it the “Invasion Authorization Act” on her social media.

Lake went on to highlight the Biden administration’s decision to reverse the effective border policies implemented by former President Trump on his first day in office, resulting in a surge of illegal immigration and a crisis at the border. She stated, “Joe Biden, on day 1 of his administration, pulled back an incredibly effective border policy that was working and keeping the American people safe,” and accused him of essentially inviting more illegal immigration into the country.

The GOP candidate emphasized the desire of the American people to put an end to the constant flow of fentanyl crossing the border and to stop unvetted individuals from entering the country in the hundreds of thousands every month. House Speaker Mike Johnson previously released a list of 64 actions taken by the Biden administration that have led to the current border crisis. These include ending border wall construction, introducing legislation for a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants, lifting limitations on immigration from countries associated with terrorism, and more.

Lake also pointed out that the proposed border bill, which Sinema helped negotiate, allows for 5,000 illegal immigrants to be processed and potentially enter the country each day before a mandatory border shutdown would take place. Sinema, who recently left the Democratic party to become an independent, clarified on a radio show in Phoenix that the 5,000 number refers to the total number of migrants attempting to cross the border, not the number of individuals that will be allowed into the country.

However, Lake expressed concern over the various exceptions to this limit and argued that it would ultimately lead to the legalization of at least 1.8 million illegal immigrants each year. She stated, “Basically, the invasion would still continue and worse yet, we would be legalizing at least 1.8 million [migrant entries], probably more, each year.” Lake emphasized that the American people do not support legalizing individuals who have broken into the country.

Overall, Lake’s strong gesture of throwing the border bill in the garbage can and her vocal disapproval of its provisions reflect the frustration and anger shared by many Americans over the current border crisis and the policies that have contributed to it. Lake and other GOP members feel that this bill does not adequately address the issue and does not align with the wishes of the American people.

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