Weird Creep Reportedly Dressed In Drag To Film Little Girls In The Bathroom

This is what happens when you pander to the “Woke” crowd. Amazon decided to let confused men enter the female restrooms. So Rhode Island’s Jacob Guerrero decided to take advantage of their new policy and started videotaping women while they were in the bathroom. He put on a wig, attached pen cameras to his shoes, and started taping women and little girls.

The Sun Chronicle wrote:

“He allegedly entered stalls next to 12 victims and took videos without their knowledge. Of the 12, five girls were under age 18 and some were estimated to be as young as 8, Police Chief Bill McGrath said.

The chief said changes in technology are making taking secret videos possible as devices become smaller and unnoticeable, and warned that children and adults need to keep their “eyes wide open” when entering a public bathroom or fitting room.

“I think technology with all its benefits is our enemy when it comes to people who have bad intentions,” McGrath said during a press conference outside Wrentham District Court.

He said devices such as pen cameras are “used for good purposes and they are used for evil purposes. In this case evil,” McGrath said.”

He ‘used it for evil’ is a bit of an understatement. Without giving too much detail to what was found in his poss

The report continued:

“With the help of Cohasset police forensic experts, investigators found 240 video clips and 23 images, according to a police report.

Among the evidence was the video of the girl in Norfolk, which police say was recorded March 17. Norfolk police charged Guerrero with photographing intimate parts of a child and exhibiting a child in the nude, according to court records.”

Police also found photos of female minors and adults that were all associated with his family.

And this never would have happened if Amazon had just stuck to the facts and kept men out of the women’s room. It’s not like it was a convincing costume. Luckily they caught him, there is no telling what he would have done next and there were little kids involved.

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