What A JOKE! Pathetic Dems Use Bill Nye In The Weirdest Way Yet!

Tell me this isn’t desperate of Democrats— Rather than have actually experts talk about their insane agendas, the party chose to appoint Bill Nye to speak before congress members about climate change. Of course, the comedian and kid’s show host also threw in some political mumbo-jumbo to support Democrats in their efforts to loosen voter laws in hopes to prevent Republicans from winning seats in the future.

The Washington Free Beacon explained:

“Democrats invited former children’s science TV show host Bill Nye to a House Homeland Security subcommittee to testify about climate change and how to introduce policies to “change the world.”

Nye likened the effort needed to combat climate change to that of the United States’ effort during World War II. He advocated for more government involvement, including regulating greenhouse gas emissions and investing in nuclear energy. Citing Texas’s February winter storm, he argued the free market fails to protect people from climate change. Instead, proponents of combating climate change need to take political power and elect people who “accept the science,” he said, adding that voter suppression could stop the United States from taking action.

“We got to make sure that the next election is secure,” Nye said. “If we end up with a situation in the U.S. where we have minority rule, through gerrymandering, through these extraordinary laws that people are trying to pass, it’s going to be trouble for everybody…. It’s not in anyone’s best interest to not have everybody’s vote count, and it certainly looks like people are working to try to suppress votes.”

Nye went on a political rant, slamming President Trump and supporting Biden on topics like voter laws, and Biden’s overinflated infrastructure bill.

What a tool…

Bill Nye is a failed comedian who found some popularity in the ’90s hosting a kids science show— Though he, himself, is an engineer. He holds honorary degrees through universities, but they’re just that— Honorary. Meaning they were bestowed upon him and not something he actually earned.

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