Whoa… Did Don Lemon Just Stick Up For Tucker Carlson?

This is an odd one that I would not believe if not for the video. CNN’s Liberal mouthpiece, Don Lemon usually spends most of his time attacking the GOP and conservatives. But in an interesting turn of events, Lemon was actually defending the Fox News Host from Ana Navarro and her belief that Carlson should be harassed in public.

Lemon: “…we’re all on TV. We’ve been approached. We hear good things, we hear bad things from people. We don’t even know who they are, it’s part of the gig. Don’t you think this went a little too far, though?”

Navarro: Umm, you know, I actually thought the guy who confronted him was quite polite, was not shouting, was not violent, was not aggressive in any way. He expressed his opinion in the same way that Tucker Carlson expresses his opinion on a nightly basis on a much larger platform. Listen, Don, I’ve seen videos like this about Chris Cuomo when his kids are in tow.  This has happened to me. It happened to me at a fresh market at Coconut Grove in Miami. There was this lady stalking me. I thought she wanted a selfie. No. She wanted to insult me for not — for loathing Trump.

Lemon: But I don’t think that should happen to you, Ana, I don’t think it should happen to Chris or me or Scott.

Navarro: Okay. Well, Don, I also don’t think there should be hurricanes or there should be COVID. But crap happens, okay? We get well remunerated for giving our opinion and that comes with good and that comes with bad. So put on your big boy pants or your big girl pants and get on with life.

And look, when it comes to Tucker Carlson, it’s not just about infrastructure or immigration or you name it. It’s about COVID and it’s about life and death. I think people are very raw and emotional and angry about that in particular.

So I think that with the platform we all have, Scott, you, all of us, Tucker, I have, comes the benefit of some people liking what we say and some people not liking what we say. In the same way, I have a First Amendment right and they have a First Amendment right. Deal with it.”

Lemon: There’s a difference between stating your opinion and standing and intimidating someone and blocking them. People stop me all the time and give me their opinions and sometimes I don’t like it. But you know when someone is being aggressive. You know when they are in your personal space.

Of course, that comes with the territory. I was in the whole foods the other way. This guy talked to me. He said, look, I watch you all the time, I don’t agree with you. Let me tell you what I don’t agree with you about. We stood there and had a conversation. That is not what happened in that video.

Look, I know it comes with a territory, but you know the difference between someone being aggressive and blocking you from walking or moving or not letting you get your point across. There is a difference in someone respectfully saying, I don’t agree with you, and let me tell you why, do you have a second? If I say no, I don’t have a second, move on. If I say, sure, you engage them and you want to.

That’s a different thing. But I don’t think that we should be encouraging this. This should not happen to Chris.

Navarro: Who the hell is encouraging it, Don?

Lemon: It should not happen to Anderson. It should not happen to Tucker Carlson as well.

Watch The Clip Below.

And in case you missed it, this is the confrontation they are talking about. 

Lemon is right. Carlson is not looking to have this discussion, but the man hounds him and forces him to listen to his hateful speech. Navarro just hates Carlson so much that she is encouraging people to harass/ insult him. Lemon on the other hand was the voice of reason and argued that Calrosn is entitled to his privacy.

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