Whoa, Did Pelosi Tell The Truth For Once?

I have a theory about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s word salad on ‘Face The Nation’ that has since gone viral. Sure we could just laugh at how she slurred her way through a muddy word puddle but you can’t just ignore what she initially says before the sputtered mess she delivered. A confident Pelosi dismissed the idea that Roe V Wade could be overturned but the most telling part of her shotty performance was Pelosi slipped and called the leaked opinion draft from the Supreme Court a ‘fake’.

Host Margaret Brennan asked Pelosi if she thought it was a “mistake” for Obama not to push harder on codifying Roe v. Wade when Democrats had the majority rule, a clip of which was shared to Twitter. Brennan hadn’t even finished asking her question before Pelosi started mumbling over her.

“If I just may, the focus we have right now is an urgent one in order to uh … uh … try to improve, try to improve this — we’re calling a ‘fake’ or ‘draft’ decision — whatever it is. I think that this is a waste of time,” Pelosi responded, before saying that, “the fact is that in [2009] we really did not have a pro-choice Democratic Party. I had to fight against some of the people who did not want to pass the Affordable Care Act because they were concerned that it might enable more freedom of choice.”

“It really didn’t go down that path. Right now, we do have a pro-choice Democratic Congress and we passed the law … uh … months ago, last, I think, September,” Pelosi continued. Brennan pushed Pelosi on the number of votes in the Senate, to which Pelosi told her to go and talk to the Senate.


Let’s break that down for a second…

Pelosi said that Democrats are calling the leaked draft a ‘fake’ and she’s not worried that it might be overturned. Liberals were fed up with Biden and all of his failures so Democrats were facing severe losses in the midterms. Now, no one is talking about inflation, security, gas prices, and shortages. Instead, the left is hyper-focused on abortions and voting to save Roe V Wade.

Worse, they’ve died Trump into this somehow. Biden pulled focus back on Trump during his weird speech where he started the ‘MAGA-crowd’. Democrats still can’t run off of performance and aren’t in a position to make campaign promises so what do they do? Drag Trump back into focus, even though he’s not running for midterms.

It might sound crazy but they’re making just enough noise to manipulate their gullible base.

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