“Woke” UK Bureaucrats Go For The Christmas Jugular Refusing To Use This “Offensive” Word

Everything is offensive to the foolish “woke” crowd who can make everything into a negative. This time it’s the U.K.’s version of “woke,” which they refer to as the blob, that decided using the term Christmas was offensive because it was not inclusive enough for their COVID campaign.

UK Civil servants have axed the word ‘Christmas’ from a proposed government campaign, for fear the term will offend minorities.

The campaign, which reportedly would have revolved around ministers using the slogan “Don’t take COVID home for Christmas,” is part of a larger government effort to limit the spread of the Chinese coronavirus after two cases of the Omicron variant were discovered on-shore.

‘We have been advised by Cabinet Office that we should not use the word Christmas – as the Government campaign needs to be inclusive and some religions don’t celebrate Christmas,” an email seen by The Mail on Sunday read. “The other option was ‘festive season’ which keeps the emotional motivation.”

“We have gone with ‘Don’t take COVID-19 home for the holidays – as it links to school and university Christmas holidays,” the email continued. “The alliteration with ‘home’ and ‘holidays’ scans well and is memorable.”

Another official then objected: ‘We don’t refer to Christmas as the holidays (that’s an Americanism). Please can we say, ‘Don’t take Covid-19 home’.’

Last night, Saqib Bhatti, the Conservative MP for Meriden, said: ‘As a Muslim, I find it ridiculous we can’t enjoy this special time of year. I look forward to showing my new son his first Christmas tree. The idea you can’t mention Christmas is completely ridiculous.

‘It’s a time to celebrate, whatever your background. It’s part of the British culture I love. It’s the celebration of all cultures that makes this the most welcoming country in the world.

‘I’m proud of that and proud to celebrate Christmas. The Blob needs to stop waging war on Christmas and get on with delivering for the British people.”

Well, I am offended that they are offended, so there. This is insanity. Unfortunately, we see it over here too where people get upset when someone is wished Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays. But really these people need a hobby, it’s the same as being offended over saying good morning. The blob and our woke crowd just need to be ignored, they are ruining Christmas for everyone with their PC B.S.

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