Woman Accuses Officers Of The Unthinkable, Video Evidence Determined She Lied


A Southern Flordia Sheriffs office concluded an investigation into the accusation of rape against one of their deputies. The accuser claimed that the officer both groped and raped her during her encounter with him where she was busted stealing from a big box store.

Marley Barberian, 23, was accused of stealing from a Target store in Palm Beach County when she was arrested earlier this year. While in jail, she claimed a Sheriff’s Office deputy had groped her at the store where she was arrested and raped her on the side of the road while on the way to the jail.

Warning*** The accuser’s description of what she said happened is graphic.

She said he pulled her pants down and raped her on the side of the road after he pulled over to complete some paperwork he got from the police department, the arrest report notes,” The Daily Wire reported. “She then told authorities the deputy who raped her drove her and dropped her off at the jail. She also accused the deputy of groping her earlier in a patdown during her arrest at the Target.

According to CBS12, the woman, according to the report, described the deputy as being a big white male, bald or with little hair, and green eyes. She also claimed he put her gun in her mouth “because that probably turned him on.”

However, after investigating her statement, authorities found holes in her story. One male deputy said the accused deputy did not touch Barberian inappropriately, and that a female deputy actually patted her down. He also told authorities that the accused deputy only drove her to the Greenacres police station, and then a female deputy took her to the Palm Beach County jail.

Investigators also looked at the in-car video and learned that there were no stops from the time the accused deputy drove Barberian from the Target to the Greenacres Police Department,” The Daily Wire reported. “Other surveillance video showed a female deputy escorting her into the jail and booking her there, the arrest report says.”

Based on this evidence, police charged Barberian for making a false report of sexual battery, a false report of crime, and perjury outside of an official proceeding. She’s being held on $3,000 bond.



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