Wow: MSM Openly Supports Transitioning 5-Year-Olds In Propaganda Piece

It’s been reported that Texas is looking to ban “gender-affirming care” for minors, but MSNBC’s Jose Diaz-Balart recently questioned a parent, Rachel, on whether Republicans were being hypocrites. Rachel agreed and revealed her daughter was aware of her true gender at only five-years old.

To which some bad moral relativism was posed, are there any limits to parental rights? Rachel then argued for what she claims is “best practice medical care” and “social transition” where her daughter can “show the rest of the world who they are on the inside”. Which became an argument for her daughter to transition at a young age.

However, this is an incredibly contentious claim and doesn’t appear to be sound advice from a parenting perspective. When we’re talking about children, especially when it’s as young as five-years old, there are often a wide array of emotions or feelings that can occur in a given week. To suddenly decide this is the single truth about young children is beyond absurd.

Yet, according to Rachel, her daughter “knew exactly who she was from the day she was born”. When a person is truly born with a mental affliction or serious character concern, it is often followed by more than just the claim of their parent. With the left leaning media pushing parents to transition their children, it’s important that parents follow the example of Rachel and take drastic measures with much consideration.

This is so very dangerous in multiple ways. Not only with respect to the caving of parents who are not equipped to deal with the nuances of conflicting information, but the lack of ethics and compassion left behind in the name of social justice. To push any form of treatment that involves multiple hormones and long-term effects and indicate “science” confirms it, is intellectually dishonest.

Gender dysphoria is a real factor in all of this, and there are those who do beg to differ. Yet the liberal media continues to push any form of “change” to appease the transgender agenda. To the point that treating a 5 year old (or any minor) for their “own good” is the equivalent swapping one form of oppression for another.

It’s evident that Rachel’s final sentiment is all too true: “We made an assumption about who she was then and we’ve been able to, you know, support her and she’s an awesome, amazing, happy kid.”


Indeed, it’s crucial that a happy and healthy childhood take precedent over any form of social change or transition a 5 year old might desperately crave. With the topic of gender dysphoria and transitioning children being so incredibly difficult to navigate, it’s our responsibly, not the liberal media, to provide guidance and support.

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